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A lot of Amazon Sellers find it tough to keep track of their profits. Some don't even bother trying, because it's a real chore. You've got to download loads of reports, piece them together, and then hope you can spot some useful info when you're done.

Unsure why you're growing or falling?

Gain clarity of your traction with our advanced analytics solution.

Puzzled about where your money is vanishing?

Find the hidden leaks in your finances and find new ways to increase profits.

Struggling to keep up with the competition?

Discover how our analytics software can guide you towards staying ahead!

Let us handle that for you

Don't get lost in a labyrinth of useless information. My Real Profit empowers you with laser-focused insights to meet all your business requirements. Trust in the power of numbers to guide you.

Access comprehensive metrics

Gain access to over 30 KPIs across marketing, finance, inventory, and operations, providing a 360-degree view of your business.

No more leaks in the bottom line

We consolidate all reports into a streamlined system, utilizing custom formulas to deliver precise accuracy data on any level (account, item, group).

Get item level insights

Our tool allows you to drill down into individual item performance, monitoring metrics from profitability and refunds to marketing and pricing.

Identify profit opportunities

Gain a clear understanding of which products are driving profits and which are causing losses, enabling you to optimize your product mix for maximum profitability.

Automate day-to-day

We update data every 30 minutes, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your profit trends in real-time.

Spot changes and trends

With our software, changes in your fee structure and other key metrics won’t go unnoticed.

The only profit tools you need are here

  • Organic Sales vs PPC Sales
  • Profit by Account -> Parent -> Child ASIN
  • Unit Economics Analysis
  • Storage, Refunds, PPC and 70+ fees
  • Item-level Breakdown
  • TACOS, Refund Rates, AVG Price and more
  • Every 30min Update
  • FBA Inventory Tracking
  • Pre-calculation of Expenses
We have changed the way brands make decisions — hear it from our customers.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear it directly from our satisfied customers

“I spent my first two months trying to find mistakes in MP’s reporting. I dug through every obscure Seller Central report, Return Report, Store Fees, etc., trying to find SOMETHING that didn’t match what MRP was reporting. It’s rare you come across software that makes you re-think how you approach your business. MRP reveals the hidden gems and hard truths and you need both.”

Steve L. Business Owner

“The software is easy to set up and use. The financial breakdown offers imperative insight into how listings are performing. A lot of the information provided by My Real Profit isn’t easily available on seller central, making this tool a necessary part of my daily routine.”

Tim L. Executive Director

“Best software I used to see the profitability Amazon business.
So easy to use and simple user friendly interface. Great to see if you’re real profits and good and weak products. Customer support if needed when a issue arises is amazing and quick to respond and fix any concerns.”

Moe B. Business Owner

“Most useful Amazon profit analytics tool I’ve seen. I need to understand the product-level profitability of my large catalog on Amazon. I didn’t realize a lot of my products were losing lots of money for months before I got My Real Profit, and simply making the decision to change pricing or to disinvest in a failed product has been a powerful guide for me.”

Nate J. Business Owner

“This software is definitely the most accurate on the market! Incredible design aligned with efficiency. Keep it up!”

Roman Business Owner

“Very useful tool for our Amazon FBA business. To my mind, the most accurate data dashboard.”

Stas K. E-commerce Director

We Automate 15+ Reports Every Seller Must Track Transforming them into 30 Critical KPIs

We Automate 15+ Reports Every Seller Must Track Transforming them into 30 Critical KPIs

Profit Dashboard

My Real Profit provides you with an ultimate combination of different reports on 1 page so you can align your marketing performance with your finances and see the correlation between them.

Identify which products are selling well and which ones are struggling, adjust your pricing and marketing strategies accordingly, and stay ahead of the competition. Track product sales, amazon FBA fees, PPC costs and profits by product.

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No More Hidden Costs. Track All Of Them Here

No More Hidden Costs. Track All Of Them Here

Profit Dashboard

Get total transparency on your Amazon fees. With over 70 fees tracked on an accrual basis, you can be sure there will be no leaks in the bottom line. Our software ensures you never miss a charge by predicting expenses in real-time, even before they occur.

Know the percentage of each expense relative to your sales. Understand your unit economics and make data-driven decisions to boost your bottom line.

Say goodbye to hidden fees and hello to a clear picture of your profits.

amazon fba fees reporting

Time = Money. Why Not Save Twice?

Time = Money. Why Not Save Twice?

Automatic Data Updates

My Real Profit automatically pulls data from Amazon, so you can be confident that your information is always up to date. Spend more time focusing on growing your business and less time manually inputting data into spreadsheets.

automated software for amazon sellers

Know From Which Point you Make or Lose Money

Know From Which Point you Make or Lose Money

Profit Calculator

Use Profit Calculator to know your unit economics. You can tweak and adjust metrics such as advertising costs or refund rates to gain a crystal-clear understanding of how changes in these specific expenses can impact your bottom line.

Determine the point at which your sales cover your costs. By knowing your breakeven point, you can set realistic goals and track your progress towards profitability.

No more relying on guesswork or spending endless hours analyzing spreadsheets.

amazon profit calculator

A detailed breakdown of your FBA Inventory

A detailed breakdown of your FBA Inventory

FBA Inventory

Get a snapshot of your FBA inventory in real time, giving you a clear idea of your stock levels and showing you the exact quantity of sellable, reserved, and pending inbound inventory.

See the number of days your current FBA inventory will last based on your sales history and average daily sales. Understand your inventory health and plan for future restocking needs