Understanding Unit Economics for Amazon Sellers

📈 Join us for an insightful webinar tailored specifically for Amazon Sellers, where you'll learn how to optimize your profit margins, adapt to changing fees, and leverage data analytics to make informed decisions.

In 2023, unit economics-driven strategies are more important than ever before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level. Unlock the secrets to business growth and success with the power of unit economics.

– Unveiling the Secrets of Unit Economics for Amazon Private Label Sellers
– Mastering the Art of COGS Calculation: Unraveling Production and Logistics
– Adapting to Win: Amazon Fee Changes in 2023 and Their Impact on Your Business‍
– Real-Life Success: Case Study on Unit Economics in Action
– Interactive Power Session: Q&A and Exclusive Bonuses

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Demian Lazurko - CEO of My Real Profit
Demian Lazurko
CEO @ My Real Profit

As a former finance expert, Demian’s expertise in analytics, forecasting, and cost management. Learn how to navigate the Amazon finances with confidence and success under Demian’s expert guidance.

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