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myrealprofit profit dashboard

Profit Dashboard

Keep track of your products performance and business profit in real-time.

myrealprofit profit calculator

Profit Calculator

Analyze the relationship between your costs and profitability with unit economics.

myrealprofit inventory analytics

Inventory Analytics

Real-time insights into your inventory levels, including status breakdown.

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Real-Time Analytics

Make Profitability a Priority

Transform your Amazon business with unrivaled accuracy and insights. Our comprehensive software exposes every hidden cost, allowing you to focus on what matters most – accelerating your growth and profits.

myrealprofit profit dashboard feature myrealprofit profit dashboard feature myrealprofit profit dashboard feature

“Our goal is to enhance the profitability of your Amazon business through every feature we offer. We take pride in developing custom formulas that enable us to achieve the highest level of profit accuracy in real-time.”

Demian Lazurko - CEO of My Real Profit
Demian Lazurko
CEO @ My Real Profit
myrealprofit profit dashboard feature myrealprofit profit dashboard feature myrealprofit profit dashboard feature
Product Level Analysis

Unlock Insights at Item Level

Stop wondering if you’re making the right moves in your Amazon business. Our analytics software provides detailed item-level data that gives you the confidence to make informed decisions and take bold steps towards success.

myrealprofit data grouping myrealprofit data grouping myrealprofit data grouping

“We have put in considerable effort towards designing analytics that are both scannable and user-friendly. Our primary objective is to provide actionable insights through our analytics, rather than just raw data sets.”

Lev Deliatynskyi - CTO at My Real Profit
Lev Deliatynskyi
CTO @ My Real Profit
myrealprofit data grouping myrealprofit data grouping myrealprofit data grouping

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myrealprofit testimonials
Steve L.
Business Owner

I spent my first two months trying to find mistakes in MRP's reporting. I dug through every obscure Seller Central report, Return Report, Store Fees, etc., trying to find SOMETHING that didn't match what MRP was reporting. It's rare you come across software that makes you re-think how you approach your business. MRP reveals the hidden gems and hard truths and you need both.

myrealprofit testimonials
Tim L.
Executive Director

The software is easy to set up and use. The financial breakdown offers imperative insight into how listings are performing. A lot of the information provided by My Real Profit isn't easily available on seller central, making this tool a necessary part of my daily routine.

myrealprofit testimonials
Nate J.
Business Owner

Most useful Amazon profit analytics tool I've seen. I need to understand the product-level profitability of my large catalog on Amazon. I didn't realize a lot of my products were losing lots of money for months before I got My Real Profit, and simply making the decision to change pricing or to disinvest in a failed product has been a powerful guide for me.

myrealprofit testimonials
Stas K.
E-commerce Director

Very useful tool for our Amazon FBA business. To my mind, the most accurate data dashboard.

Moe B.
Business Owner

Best software I used to see the profitability Amazon business. So easy to use and simple user friendly interface. Great to see if you're real profits and good and weak products. Customer support if needed when a issue arises is amazing and quick to respond and fix any concerns.

Alan T.
Business Owner

Amazing tool that delivers essential up-to-date and easy to use records. Your software is definitely one of the most accurate on the market! Incredible design aligned with efficiency. Keep it up!

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Discover valuable resources to help you maximize your profits! We study e-commerce businesses, publish those findings, and bake them into our products so we can all learn together.

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