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amazon profit dashboard

Profit dashboard

Track your sales and profit in real time by account, parent ASIN / child ASIN or custom category. Besides profit metrics, the dashboard also shows performance KPIs such as organic %, AVG price, refund rates, TACoS, etc.

Comprehensive metrics (25+ KPIs tracked) Reporting by account, product or custom category Updates every 30 minutes
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amazon profit calculator

Profit calculator

Discover a calculator with a per-unit cost breakdown that allows you to adjust metrics such as price, marketing costs, or refund rates. This tool provides a clearer understanding of how changes in these expenses impact your profits and break-even points.

Estimate profit per unit sold Customizable profit calculator Break-even points analysis
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amazon inventory tracking table

Inventory analytics

Get a real-time snapshot of your FBA inventory, providing you with a clear view of your stock levels, including the exact quantity of sellable, reserved, and pending inbound inventory. Find out when your products are projected to go out of stock and determine the total capital tied up in your FBA inventory.

Detailed breakdown of your FBA inventory Out of stock tracking. Velocity and coverage Inventory value. Capital utilization
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amazon business reports analytics

Traffic analytics

Simplified business reports with organic and PPC analysis. Easily identify changes in traffic sources (organic vs. PPC) and conversion rates. Quickly determine if you are losing organic traffic or experiencing a decrease in conversion rates.

Organic vs PPC analysis Reporting by account, product or custom category Conversion rate tracking
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Advanced tools
360° analytics used by top 1%

Reports that are used by top brands & agencies

Profit analysis

Profit analysis

Simplified / detailed Profit & Loss reporting
Profit by account, product or custom category
Comparing periods analysis

A detailed accrual basis Profit & Loss report that includes multiple level breakdowns. Compare different periods to identify the specific costs or Amazon fees that affected your ROI and margins. Determine which products contributed more or less profit compared to the previous period

myrealprofit advanced features profit analysis
myrealprofit advanced features profit chart
myrealprofit advanced features profit table

Market share & funnel (SQP)

Market share & funnel (SQP)

Market share by keyword
Funnel analysis
Your brand vs market comparison

Determine the percentage of the market you are holding. Identify your market share by keyword. Track your CTR, ATC rates, conversion rates, and compare them with your competition to pinpoint where you should focus.

myrealprofit advanced features market share
myrealprofit advanced features funnel analysis
myrealprofit advanced features market share

Advertising insights

Advertising insights

Advanced keywords / search term / placements analysis
Track data by hour (marketing stream)
Organic vs PPC performance

Determine the real dependency of organic sales on PPC. Identify potential issues in your campaigns through advanced search term analysis. Monitor your keyword placement performance even by the hour.

amazon advertising analytics
myrealprofit advanced features marketing stream
myrealprofit advanced features search terms

Day-to-day report

Day-to-day report

Sales, profits, PPC, inventory, traffic in one table
Daily / weekly / monthly performance
Account / parent / child level breakdown

One-pager reporting that includes all important Amazon metrics: sales, profits, ppc, traffic, inventory, finances. Track all metrics on one page and use it as page tracker of your Amazon business.

myrealprofit advanced features day to day
myrealprofit advanced features day-to-day chart
myrealprofit advanced features day-to-day table

Custom analytics

Create your own customized reporting surcharged by our engine and our analytics expertise

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myrealprofit customized analytics myrealprofit customized analytics
We have changed the way brands make decisions — hear it from our customers.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear it directly from our satisfied customers

“I spent my first two months trying to find mistakes in MP’s reporting. I dug through every obscure Seller Central report, Return Report, Store Fees, etc., trying to find SOMETHING that didn’t match what MRP was reporting. It’s rare you come across software that makes you re-think how you approach your business. MRP reveals the hidden gems and hard truths and you need both.”

Steve L. Business Owner

“The software is easy to set up and use. The financial breakdown offers imperative insight into how listings are performing. A lot of the information provided by My Real Profit isn’t easily available on seller central, making this tool a necessary part of my daily routine.”

Tim L. Executive Director

“Best software I used to see the profitability Amazon business.
So easy to use and simple user friendly interface. Great to see if you’re real profits and good and weak products. Customer support if needed when a issue arises is amazing and quick to respond and fix any concerns.”

Moe B. Business Owner

“Most useful Amazon profit analytics tool I’ve seen. I need to understand the product-level profitability of my large catalog on Amazon. I didn’t realize a lot of my products were losing lots of money for months before I got My Real Profit, and simply making the decision to change pricing or to disinvest in a failed product has been a powerful guide for me.”

Nate J. Business Owner

“This software is definitely the most accurate on the market! Incredible design aligned with efficiency. Keep it up!”

Roman Business Owner

“Very useful tool for our Amazon FBA business. To my mind, the most accurate data dashboard.”

Stas K. E-commerce Director

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