Automated search query performance analytics

Market share analysis by keyword
Funnel analysis (brand vs competitors)


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Market size analysis

Track your market traffic trends and changes using search volume of keywords.

Your brand share

Discover what percentage of impressions / clicks / purchases you get by keyword.

Funnel analysis

Track your funnel performance vs competitors wether your CTR / CVR better or worse than a market

Market Share

Track your market share %

Discover what percentage of entire market you hold and how its changing week over week.

Track this data based on account / brand / keyword level.

amazon market share analysis
Detailed analysis

Keyword level market share analytics

Track your keywords search volume changes, and what % of market impressions, clicks and purchases you hold by each keyword.

We also provide you with PPC spend by keyword and AVG market price to help you identify the reasons in your brand market share changes.

amazon sqp analytics
Funnel Analysis

Brand vs competition analysis

Compare if your brand CTR / ATC / CVR is better than market average.

Easily define high-opportunity keywords that have better funnel performance for your brand than market.

Use our custom metric “funnel score” to track all metrics CTR / ATC / CVR vs market in one.

amazon brand analytics

Frequently asked questions

The pricing starts from $47 a months. Please visit our pricing page to see the breakdown.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial of My Real Profit. This allows you to test the software and see if it is right for your business before committing to a subscription.

My Real Profit integrates with your Amazon account via API as we are an official developer approved by Amazon, allowing for a seamless connection and data transfer between Amazon and our platform.

Yes, you can connect multiple Amazon accounts to My Real Profit, facilitating the management of various seller accounts through a single platform.

Your data in My Real Profit is updated every 30 minutes, ensuring you have real-time insights into your Amazon business performance.

Yes, your data is secure in My Real Profit. We are listed in the Amazon app store and utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure data handling and storage.

Let’s make data your business asset and transform it into your competitive edge.