Advanced Amazon advertising analytics

All-in-one platform to track your PPC performance


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Keywords & search terms

Track your ad type / match type / keywords / search terms performance on one page.

Placement analysis

Discover where amazon shows your ads, and what is the performance for each placement

Hourly analytics (marketing stream)

Track your ppc performance using the most granular range available: by hour of the day

Organic vs ppc

Track your sales source and how it impacts profit

Discover how changes in PPC sales can impact your organic sales and how it affects your bottom line.

Track your organic sales by Child ASIN using our advanced purchased product report technology.

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PPC Dashboard

Your entire PPC account performance on 1 page

Define how your PPC performrs vs previous period. Track your CPC, CVR, CPA by account / ad type / item using our dashboard.

Customizable chart allows you to spot trends by adding any metric and compare its performance.

Track your ppc performance by item with ease. We break down all ppc ad types using our advanced technology.

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Keywords & search terms

Advanced keyword analysis

Track performance using our advanced match type breakdown: exact, broad, phrase, branded, competitors, defensive, category, auto.

Easily define search terms that perform $0 sales but make spend.

Track ppc performance by word to identify words that perform negative ACoS.

See at which ad type and match type keyword is presented.

amazon ppc keywords reporting

Advanced placements analysis

Discover where amazon shows your ads by keyword (marketing stream used to show data by keyword)

Identify which placement is best for the keyword: top of search, rest of search or detail pages.

amazon placements analytics
Marketing stream

Hourly performance of your ads

Track your CPC, CVR, ACoS and budgets utilization using the most granular range available: by hour of the day.

Adjust your bids using Amazon day-parting to get the biggest return from your ads.

amazon marketing stream analytics
How to
Find out more how it works
Track branded vs non-branded terms by match types

All your keyword and search term performance data in one place — dive deeper into your keyword performance data with our advanced match type breakdown:

– exact
– broad
– phrase
– branded (search terms)
– defensive (your ASINs)
– competitors (other ASINs)
– auto
– category

Our Amazon advertising software breaks down your search term and shows the performance of each word so you can identify which word is performing high ACOS.

Then, negate this one word as a negate phrase and get rid of all loss-generating search terms in 1 click.

Where does Amazon show your ads, and how do they perform?

Our Amazon PPC analytics tool lets you discover where your ads appear by keyword — whether at the top, the rest of the search, or the details page.

You can then identify the placement where each keyword performs best to help you fine-tune your ads for high ROI.

Quickly identify search terms that are wasting your ad spend while generating $0 in sales.

Eliminating these money-wasters will fine-tune your campaigns and increase ad profitability.

You can access your entire PPC account performance on one page. Cut through the noise and get to the heart of your Amazon advertising analytics to define how your PPC performs compared to the previous period.

Our Amazon analytics dashboard lets you track your CPC, CPA, CVR, and a dozen other metrics by account type, ad type, or product.

You can also access a customizable chart that allows you to spot trends by adding any metric and comparing performance.

Our PPC dashboard, backed by cutting-edge analytical technology, lets you analyze Amazon PPC ad types and track performance by item.

How would you like to track the critical ad performance metrics by the hour? That’s as close to real-time tracking as you can get!

Track your CPC, CVR, and ACOS by the hour of the day.

Identify the hours of the day when you get the best bang for your buck with ad spend. Then, use Amazon dayparting to schedule your PPC ads, adjust bids, and get the biggest ROI on your campaigns.

Are your PPC sales promoting or cannibalizing your organic sales? Our Amazon PPC analytics tool can help you discover how changes in your PPC sales affect your organic sales.

Compare the percentage of total sales coming from organic sales to PPC sales.

We created advanced purchased product report technology that lets you track your organic sales by Child ASIN for a clearer picture of your PPC performance.

Is there a free trial of My Real Profit available?

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial of My Real Profit. This allows you to test the software and see if it is right for your business before committing to a subscription.

My Real Profit integrates with your Amazon account via API as we are an official developer approved by Amazon, allowing for a seamless connection and data transfer between Amazon and our platform.

There are two classes of key metrics you need to monitor:

The metrics that show your ads’ overall cost and result are ACOS, ROAS, CPA, and CPC.

And the metrics that show the stages of a customer journey, i.e., CTR and CVR.

High impressions and low clicks imply that your ad is being seen, but people aren’t clicking.

The main issue in such a scenario is that customers aren’t finding your ad relevant to their search, which boils down to a poor keyword strategy. You might target the wrong keywords, so shoppers who see your ad find it irrelevant.

High CTR and low conversions signify a problem with your product detail page, but it can also be a trickle-down effect of ineffective keyword targeting. You can mitigate this by optimizing your listing with compelling product descriptions, bullet points, A+ Content, images and reviews.

A high ACOS means you’re getting tons of clicks but very few conversions. It all boils down to your keywords.

First check on what match type you spend most of your budget on. Broad or auto usually generate the highest ACOS as those are keyword research match types. Make sure you target relevant keywords.

The next thing you need to do is use negate bad-performing keywords. This will ensure you’re not wasting ad spend on irrelevant keywords that won’t result in a sale.

Yes, you can connect multiple Amazon accounts to My Real Profit, facilitating the management of various seller accounts through a single platform.

Yes, your data is secure in My Real Profit. We are listed in the Amazon app store and utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure data handling and storage.

My Real Profit is one of the best Amazon PPC analytics tools. It helps sellers analyze their PPC data and breaks it down in an easy-to-process way.

You can use this Amazon advertising reporting tool to analyze keyword and search terms performance, placement analysis, hourly PPC performance analysis, product-level PPC performance, organic Vs. PPC performance, and so much more.

Let’s make data your business asset and transform it into your competitive edge.