Estimate profit measured on a per-unit basis

Interactive calculator that allows you to adjust metrics and observe how changes impact your profit per unit

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Interactive metrics

Adjust metrics like pricing, advertising costs, or refund rates to see how specific changes will affect your bottom line.

Real data calculator

Our profit calculator fetches data directly from your Amazon account, breaking down all fees by item per unit sold.

Break-even analysis

Identify the price point where your costs are covered. Enjoy automated BE ACoS and ROAS calculations.

Unit economics

Estimate best pricing for each product

The Profit Calculator displays your product performance and provides a per-unit cost breakdown.

You can adjust metrics such as price, advertising costs or refund rates for a clearer understanding of how these expenses impact your bottom line.

amazon profit calculator
Profitability thresholds

Break-even points as your Amazon stop-loss

Determine the ACoS/ROAS at which your PPC becomes profitable, and the pricing point that covers your costs.

Knowing your break-even point sets the stage for realistic goal-setting and progress tracking toward profitability.

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How to
Find out more how it works
How much does My Real Profit cost?

The pricing starts from $47 a months. Please visit our pricing page to see the breakdown.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial of My Real Profit. This allows you to test the software and see if it is right for your business before committing to a subscription.

My Real Profit integrates with your Amazon account via API as we are an official developer approved by Amazon, allowing for a seamless connection and data transfer between Amazon and our platform.

Yes, you can connect multiple Amazon accounts to My Real Profit, facilitating the management of various seller accounts through a single platform.

Your data in My Real Profit is updated every 30 minutes, ensuring you have real-time insights into your Amazon business performance.

Yes, your data is secure in My Real Profit. We are listed in the Amazon app store and utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure data handling and storage.

Let’s make data your business asset and transform it into your competitive edge.