Amazon profit & loss analytics

Accrual basis p&l reporting with detailed cost breakdown


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All Amazon fees included

The reporting takes into account more than 70 amazon fees to provide you with precise profit calculations.

Advanced item-level breakdown

Track profits by Parent / Child ASIN data within a single table, eliminating the need for multiple reports analysis.

Compare periods

Quickly compare periods to identify the changes in financial metrics and how it impacts your bottom line.

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Track your profit by date ranges

Spot changes in profit, how each cost affects your margin. Quickly identify where you are loosing profits, or reasons why your margin is decreasing.

Use the chart to check the month-over-month trends and spot changes. The reporting also can be exported to excel.

amazon profit and loss statement
Data hierarchy

Accurate item-level profit analysis

Track your profit data grouped by Account, Parent, Child ASINs, or even custom product groups. All costs are broken down by item level.
Our interface offers a hierarchical view, enabling you to drill down into the data with ease, and garner actionable insights to enhance your product strategies.

amazon profit analysis

Compare periods with ease

Simply pick 2 date ranges and see the differences in metrics. Define the main reasons of you growth vs previous period.

See what products made more profit vs previous periods and which did bigger loss.

amazon profit compare periods analysis
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How much does My Real Profit cost?

The pricing starts from $47 a months. Please visit our pricing page to see the breakdown.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial of My Real Profit. This allows you to test the software and see if it is right for your business before committing to a subscription.

My Real Profit integrates with your Amazon account via API as we are an official developer approved by Amazon, allowing for a seamless connection and data transfer between Amazon and our platform.

Yes, you can connect multiple Amazon accounts to My Real Profit, facilitating the management of various seller accounts through a single platform.

Your data in My Real Profit is updated every 30 minutes, ensuring you have real-time insights into your Amazon business performance.

Yes, your data is secure in My Real Profit. We are listed in the Amazon app store and utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure data handling and storage.

Let’s make data your business asset and transform it into your competitive edge.