Amazon Orders Pending for Sellers: Here Is What You Should Do

Demian Lazurko – CEO at MyRealProfit
Demian Lazurko CEO @ MyRealProfit
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As an Amazon seller, you may have encountered orders pending and wondered how to approach them.

Don’t worry, this blog post is here to provide insight into the meaning of these types of transactions so that they can be resolved quickly and successfully!

What Order Pending Status is?

When an order is pending, it means that your product is being prepared and processed. It’s like Amazon’s way of saying that they are getting it ready to send it to you. Usually, this process takes a few days and then your product will be on its way to you. You won’t even remember that there was a problem.

Most of the time, when your order is just “Pending” for a few days, it means they are preparing and packing your order. Sometimes they need to move your package between different facilities until it reaches the one closest to you. It can be frustrating because your product is actually in transit, but you don’t receive updates until it’s almost delivered.

However, a pending order can also mean that there is a problem. Here are some possible issues:

  1. The buyer’s credit/debit card wasn’t accepted.

  2. The buyer didn’t finish placing the order.

  3. One of the items in the order is not available.

  4. The buyer qualified for free shipping for a large order, so they need to gather all the items.

If the first two issues happen, you should contact the buyer and try to solve the problem with Amazon’s customer service. But if it’s one of the other issues, you just need to be patient and wait a little longer.

Explaining Amazon Pending Orders

Amazon pending orders in seller central

Amazon Pending Orders are orders that haven’t been shipped yet (For FBA), being reviewed due to payment verification or other issues.

To protect both buyers and sellers, Amazon puts the pending status on an order until they can verify it has valid payments supplied by the customer such as credit card info. Usually, this process takes no more than 30 minutes. Sometimes up to 21 days is needed for payment authentication confirmation before cancelling or continuing with the purchase.

Pending Order Status

The Pending Order Status means that the order is put on hold for various verifications such as authorization of credit/debit card payments, or other reasons before it can be processed.

It usually takes up to 30 minutes, but depending on complexities involved in verifying these details, Amazon Pending Verification may cause this time limit to exceed an hour.

Prolonged Amazon pending processes could lead to your orders being stuck with a ‘Pending’ status for longer durations due to client validation measures undertaken by Amazon.

Amazon Order Payment Verification

The payment verification process guarantees that there is enough money available for the purchase. If a problem with verifying the customer’s payment arises, their order will remain in ‘Pending’ status and it would be ideal to contact Amazon’s Customer Service team.

To ensure no complications occur due to any kind of issue related to payments, sellers can keep track of their orders through both Orders Report and Manage Orders page located in Seller Central account while confirming buyer’s method as well.

Does Amazon Charge the Buyer’s Debit Card Right Away?

When a buyer places an order on your online store, Amazon checks the payment method and authorizes the payment from the card.

They don’t deduct the funds until you mark the order as shipped if its FBM. Essentially, Amazon ensures that the transaction is possible and waits for your confirmation. If you are using FBA, amazon will handle everything.

Common Causes of Amazon Orders Pending

Person checking amazon seller central account and try to fix orders pending

Order-related issues with pending orders can often be the result of failed credit card authorizations. This is a common cause for Amazon Orders to remain in this state for a long time, along with payment difficulties and lack of authorization by the platform itself.

Multiple items within an order or out-of-stock inventory may play a role in triggering these kinds of problems on Amazon’s end. Insufficient funds being available could also prevent customers from making purchases successfully online too. By understanding each element more closely, one will get insight into why their amazon Order might stay Pending.

Insufficient Funds or Declined Payments

Orders may stay pending as a result of payment issues if the buyer’s card is expired or lacks enough funds to pay for their purchase. In order to prevent delays in processing, it is important that sellers verify that buyers have valid and current payment information on file.

This includes checking for mistakes like typos in address data supplied by the customer or not having sufficient funds available on their account. If any of these are encountered, then orders can remain in a Pending status until updated/corrected details are provided, allowing proper completion of transactions from both parties involved.

Out-of-Stock Items

Pending orders can be the result of out-of-stock items, creating frustration and delays in processing for both buyers and sellers. To prevent this occurrence from happening, it is important to keep track of inventory levels as well as maintain a consistent stock quantity, avoiding any future lack thereof. This way pending orders will not be an issue nor disrupt order management processes at all.

Multiple Items in an Order

When there are several products in an order, it may stay pending while Amazon combines them together and provides free bulk shipping. This can lead to the order taking longer than usual as the company waits for everything needed before dispatching it.

By understanding this process involving multiple items that puts orders into a waiting state, sellers will be able to anticipate any delays and alert buyers appropriately regarding such issues.

Can Amazon Seller Cancel a Pending Order on Amazon?

According to Amazon’s rules, a seller cannot cancel a pending order. Only the buyer can do that. If you’re determined to cancel it, your only option is to contact the buyer and try to persuade them to cancel. Depending on the buyer, this process can be either simple or difficult. At this point, you’ll have to rely on your negotiation skills, which may not be ideal.

Navigating Pending Orders as a Seller

Locating Pending Orders on Amazon Seller Central

Sellers on Amazon Seller Central can locate their pending orders by heading over to the Manage Orders page in their account. Sellers should scroll through this list or click into the ‘pending’ tab where they will find a full overview of all such orders and any actions that need to be taken with them, including review status information.

Keeping track of these pending transactions allows sellers an opportunity to act quickly upon issues, creating a smoother order process for buyers across board.

Resolving Amazon Orders Pending Issues

Understanding and addressing issues related to Amazon Orders Pending is essential for sellers, as it helps them ensure a seamless transaction process with their customers.

There are various approaches which can be taken in order to resolve such orders: updating payment information, cancelling pending requests or contacting the company’s Customer Service representatives may all come into play.

In order to effectively deal with these situations, knowing when each of these options should be utilized is key. Thus, by being well-versed in methods used for tackling orders pending on Amazon (from payments info update to speaking directly with customer service agents) sellers will feel more comfortable resolving any arising issues regarding those transactions efficiently.

Updating Payment Information

Sellers can help ensure successful completion of pending orders by updating the payment information associated with them. They should navigate to their Amazon Pending Orders, select the details for a particular order and click “Change” near Payment Method in order to input new data.

This allows buyers to have up-to-date payment records, which reduces potential complications caused by faulty verification issues, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Contacting Amazon Customer Service

If a seller has issues with pending orders, they can reach out to Amazon Customer Service for help and guidance. They simply need to log in to their seller account and got to “Get Help” page.

There are email and call options available. This will give them access to valuable insight that could smooth over any problems with transactions, safeguarding their reputation as a reliable vendor along the way.

Preventing Future Amazon Orders Pending Problems

Despaired businessman

To stop problems with future Amazon orders being stuck in the pending phase, it is essential to review payment methods and keep track of inventory levels. Anything else – mostly handled by Amazon. By taking a proactive stance towards these key elements, sellers can reduce the number of blocked purchases and offer their buyers an effortless checkout experience.

In order to ensure these preventative measures are successful, it’s important for retailers to take note of things like payment processing as well as product availability on hand so that any instances where transactions might remain ‘pending’ occur less frequently or not at all.

Regularly Reviewing Payment Methods

Sellers can securely keep their buyers’ payment methods up-to-date by periodically reviewing them. They may do this by logging into Seller Central and navigating to the Reports tab followed by Payments from there they have access to review buyer’s payments.

Similarly, merchants should sign in to Amazon Pay for an overview of all orders placed via that payment method, helping prevent problems with pending transactions due to incorrect information. Overall, regular evaluation of a customer’s form of payment will reduce any issues related to failed payments as well as avoid unnecessary holds on orders.

Monitoring Inventory Levels

Amazon sellers can use various means to manage their inventory, such as Amazon’s reports and other software like My Real Profit ( Inventory Dashboard.

This way they can see when stock levels start running low, avoiding the occurrence of pending orders which would delay order fulfillment and create a negative customer experience. By keeping an eye on inventories at all times it is possible to prevent out-of-stock issues from happening and Avoid potential losses for both buyers and vendors alike.


In summary, for sellers to maintain a great reputation and guarantee seamless ordering processes for their buyers, it is essential they comprehend and handle Amazon Pending Orders.

By spotting frequent issues of pending orders, getting in contact with the buyer quickly and applying preventative measures one can decrease these occurrences allowing them more time to concentrate on expanding their business.

To achieve success regarding pending orders, good communication skills combined with proactivity are necessary!

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