Pros and Cons of the Most Profitable Categories on Amazon

Demian Lazurko – CEO at MyRealProfit
Demian Lazurko CEO @ MyRealProfit
most profitable categories on amazon
most profitable categories on amazon

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the e-commerce industry, particularly on the Amazon marketplace. During the pandemic, many small and medium businesses turned to eCommerce to stay afloat during economic uncertainty. As one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, Amazon has experienced a surge in high demand for essential goods. As we know, demand creates supply! These changes have had a lasting impact on the eCommerce industry, with many experts predicting that online shopping will continue to grow in popularity.

Although it is now 2023, many trending products today are echoes of the changes that occurred during the pandemic. Firstly, it concerns the attitudes of Amazon shoppers towards e-marketplaces and best-selling Amazon categories.

Even though all stores are now available and there are no restrictions, shoppers appreciate the Amazon marketplace. With Amazon, shoppers can easily compare prices from different sellers in one place, get fast delivery of their orders, have a wide selection of brands, and enjoy special offers such as free shipping and discounts. Amazon also provides easy access to customer reviews so shoppers can make informed decisions before purchasing.

Sellers prefer Amazon because it provides access to millions of potential customers. The marketplace also allows sellers to set their pricing, store design and promotional offers. As a result, sellers can stand out from the competition and maximize their profits through competitive pricing and promotions. That is why hundreds of new sellers register on Amazon every day, experienced sellers strive to expand their assortment and raise their offers for the top-selling products on Amazon.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the popular and most profitable categories on Amazon.

Most Profitable Product Categories for SMB Sellers

If you’re looking to find profitable product categories on Amazon, several key elements must be taken into account. The first thing to look at is popular categories that have the potential to provide high profits. Popular product categories include apparel, beauty products, home improvement items, electronics, toys and games, and books.

Second, it is also essential to consider a particular category and understand which sellers are rated. This can easily be done by looking at Amazon’s Best Sellers list and seeing how those in that category are ranked.

When choosing to sell products, the important thing is to look for those that have a higher rating because they may have a higher sales potential. Amazon is highly competitive, so you need to evaluate your competitors and find ways to differentiate yourself from them. Keep in mind that this could be a deciding factor when potential customers are choosing between you and other Amazon sellers in the same category.

Finally, when selecting the most profitable product categories on Amazon, it is essential to consider factors such as selling price, customer service, shipping costs, and product quality. By considering all these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose a category and the best-selling product that is highly likely to be profitable for your business.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Amazon is now the biggest clothing retailer in the United States. The Clothing, Shoes&Jewelry category generates the most revenue for Amazon. If you’re considering selling items within this lucrative space, be prepared to face off with stiff competition.

Clothing and shoes are always in high demand. Production or wholesale purchases of these goods are comparatively inexpensive, thus making them an excellent way to maximize profits.

Most of Amazon’s sellers do not offer high fashion and luxury brands but prefer inexpensive and comfortable clothing designed for mass consumption. Based on Amazon’s best sellers page, the best sellers in the category are mostly basic items such as underwear, casual wear, and Crocs.

Amazon's best sellers page

The Apparel category has a huge number of brands with a wide variety of products. Therefore, selecting a product in this category without conducting thorough market and product research carries an inherent risk of not being competitive. By focusing on a particular group of customers, one can stand out and create a profitable brand.

The most popular sub-categories:

  • Women’s Fashion

  • Men’s Fashion

  • Girls’ Fashion

  • Luggage & Travel Gear

  • Boys’ Fashion.

Don’t spread yourself too thin and sell everything; pay attention to one of the sub-categories wherein the competition is reduced at times, and the chance to stand out and make yourself known grows a lot. Let’s look at the main pros and cons of the Apparel category.

Let’s look at the main pros and cons of this category.


  • Wide target audience

  • Low cost of buying goods

  • High-profit margin

  • Easy to differentiate

  • Goods do not require special storage and shipping conditions


  • High competition

  • A high percentage of returns

  • Quickly changing trends

  • Difficult to predict market

Home & Kitchen

Home & Kitchen is the most popular category for those looking for profitable products. Almost a third of all SMBs have at least one product in this category. Kitchen utensils, cookware, furniture, and accessories are all popular items you can buy cheaply and resell at a healthy markup. It makes a lot of sense; even in hard times, people don’t hesitate to purchase essential home goods. No wonder, then, that Home and Kitchen has been one of the most popular for years in a row.

Home & Kitchen is the most popular items

The Home & Kitchen is the largest and most diverse Amazon category. It covers a wide range of best-selling products, from small kitchen appliances to furniture and home décor. With so many options available, customers can find everything they need to create a comfortable and stylish home.

5 most popular sub-categories:

  • Kitchen&Dining

  • Furniture

  • Bedding

  • Home Decor

  • Vacums&Floor Care

It’s no wonder why Amazon shoppers keep coming back for more, with the unbeatable prices and unbelievably fast shipping options available through Amazon Prime membership. This category remains one of the most sought-after shopping experiences on the site!

The Home & Kitchen category can be an excellent selling category for beginners on Amazon. Thus, let’s look at the pros and cons of this category.


  • High demand

  • Low cost of buying goods

  • Consistent sales. Most products don’t have seasonality

  • High conversion rates


  • High competition

  • Most niches have low-cost products trends that require a large volume of sales

  • Difficult to differentiate as most products in this category are not innovative

Notice that the new sellers may struggle to get customers’ attention unless they have a unique product or a great marketing strategy.

Beauty & Personal Care Products

Following Home & Kitchen, Beauty & Personal Care is the second most popular product category for SMBs. The popularity of this category among SMB sellers in 2023 has increased by 3% from last year, making up 26% of total platform sales. Amazon sellers continue to choose the Beauty & Personal Care category due to steady demand, a diverse product mix, and high profitability.

Shoppers need everything from skincare to haircare and makeup to personal hygiene products, so this category caters to a wide variety of customers. One of the main advantages of selling in this category is its consistent demand: consumers are always looking for high-quality beauty and personal care products, making it an attractive market for sellers.

Products for skin, body, hair, nails, and hygiene-related products are qualified for top-selling sub-categories on Amazon.

Beauty & Personal Care popular items

Additionally, many items in this category have a high-profit margin due to their premium pricing and brand recognition. However, competition is fierce in this market, with many established brands and new entrants vying for customers’ attention.

To succeed in the Beauty&Personal Care category on Amazon, sellers should differentiate themselves by offering unique products or providing exceptional customer service. They also need to stay up-to-date with current trends and invest in effective marketing strategies that can help them stand out from the competition.

Below we will look at the main advantages and problems faced by the inexperienced seller


  • High repeat purchase rate

  • Low cost of buying goods

  • Small size of most products

  • High profitability

  • Low seasonality


  • High competition

  • Limited shelf life

  • Special conditions for storage and transportation

  • Mandatory certification for certain types of products

  • One of the most expensive advertising costs

Pet Supplies 

Pet product sales are steadily increasing, with no signs of slowing down. The stable demand for pet-related products provides an incredible opportunity for retailers to tap into and expand their businesses. In 2021, Amazon’s pet supplies sales climbed to $11.7 billion. No wonder, since nearly 80 million families in the U.S. have beloved pets.

People who own pets are often very attached and willing to spend money on their furry friends. This means there is potential for a high demand for specific products. Furthermore, many pet owners shop online to find unique or specialty items they cannot find at their local pet store.

Selling on Amazon is a profitable product category because new trends are constantly emerging in the pet industry, from eco-friendly products to high-tech gadgets for pets. Sellers who can capitalize on these trends and offer unique products have the potential to stand out from the competition.

Amazon's most popular pet supplies

Naturally, the most popular and best-selling products on Amazon are those for dogs and cats, followed by those for fish and aquatic pets, small animals, and birds. While there are certainly some advantages to selling products in this category, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider.


  • Broad customer base

  • Lots of small & light items

  • Low seasonality

  • Opportunity for innovation and creativity


  • High competition

  • Mandatory certification for certain types of products

If the new seller carefully considers logistics and quality control measures, he can successfully navigate this exciting and growing market.


The Books category on Amazon is a popular and well-established one that has been around since the early days of the platform. This section encompasses a wide selection of books, from bestsellers to niche titles, making it an appealing choice for sellers aiming to access a vast customer base. Many people still prefer physical books over e-books, and Amazon’s reputation as a reliable source of books means customers trust the platform when making purchases.

There are 36 subcategories in the Books category. You can sell anything from art and photography books to test prep books. The top five best-selling sub-categories include Children’s Books, Specialty Boutique, Literature & Fiction, Christian Books & Bibles, and Arts & Photography.

Find a subcategory that is of interest to both you and your audience, and focus on it. Promote your products in this category using your Amazon product landing page, eCommerce websites, and social media to share more about the books you have.

New Amazon sellers should pay close attention to two particularly successful genres: epic adventure novels and children’s books. A large percentage of these titles quickly sell out, and many come as part of a series, establishing loyalty and returning customers!

Most popular books on Amazon

If the Books category appeals to you, weigh the pros and cons to be ready to compete and be at the top of the Amazon Best Sellers page.


  • Large number of loyal customers 

  • Easy to store and ship

  • Low seasonality


  • Pricing competition

  • Unpredictable market

  • Fast-changing best-selling products

  • Increased popularity of e-books

Overall, while there are pros and cons to selling books on Amazon, it remains an attractive option for many sellers due to its established customer base and relatively simple logistics compared to other Amazon categories.

Toys & Games

Toys & Games are a lucrative market for sellers. This category includes a wide range of products, from simple rattles for a baby to classic board games and high-tech toys, making it multipurpose for infants and seniors alike.

Several factors contribute to the profitability of this category. One of the main advantages of selling items in the Toys & Games category is its consistency. Unlike other product categories that may experience fluctuations in demand throughout the year, toys and games tend to sell consistently well. This is especially true during the holiday season when gift-giving is at its peak.

With many sellers looking to grab customers’ attention during holidays like Christmas or Black Friday, it’s important to be organized and plan to meet customer needs.

Another reason Amazon sellers choose the Toys & Games category is that many toy and game products have high-profit margins. Most toys are made in China, and the purchase price is quite low, which allows sellers to get a high profit on each unit sold.

Around the year, there is a constant stream of new toys and games. Whenever a new Disney or Pixar movie is released, it is like an avalanche of must-have toys, games, and gadgets hit the market. When selling products in this category, be aware that children are the primary target audience. Sellers who can tap into current trends or offer unique products have the potential to stand out from the competition and command higher prices.

For better product ideas of what will sell best, Amazon publishes an annual Kids Gift Guide. In addition, any seller can use Amazon’s best-selling toys and page as a good starting point for identifying top-selling items. This list of current best sellers is an excellent resource for finding the most popular items on Amazon.

Most selling toys on Amazon

If you decide to sell on Amazon in this category, you should consider that some products for children and toys require mandatory certification.


  • Low purchase price

  • High and consistent demand

  • Vast potential audience

  • Opportunity for innovation and creativity


  • A large number of bulky items

  • Mandatory certification

  • Large quantity of low-quality merchandise

  • Fast-changing trends

Electronics Category

Electronic products on Amazon are a highly competitive and rapidly evolving space. This category includes a wide range of products, from smartphones to smart home devices, making it attractive to customers with different needs.

One of the main advantages of selling electronics on Amazon is that it has a huge customer base. Many people turn to the Amazon marketplace to find new gadgets or tech-related products, meaning there is high demand for certain items. Additionally, many Amazon shoppers are willing to pay a premium for the latest technology or cutting-edge features.

As technology develops and progresses, new trends come to the fore. Those Amazon sellers who can spot these patterns, anticipate customer needs, and offer unique product ideas are sure to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Most selling lectronic products on Amazon

The profitability of the Electronics category is evident from the statistics. In 2020, sellers in this category earned an average profit margin of 20%, notably higher than other categories. This may be due to the high demand for electronic products and the lower commission fees charged by Amazon. Referral fees for most electronic items are only 8% which is the lowest compared to other product categories.

If you are looking to bring in substantial profits while selling products within this industry, your best bet is likely to source bulk merchandise from a well-known brand. Yes, it requires quite an investment upfront however, the payoff can be well worth it as these items are known for their high profitability!


  • Huge customer base

  • Lots of new and trendy products

  • Low Amazon referral fee

  • Limited lifespan of electronics

  • Low seasonality


  • High purchase price

  • Ensure high-quality products

  • Damage to goods during delivery

  • You compete with global companies

Handmade Products

The Handmade category is a lucrative market for Amazon sellers, as it typically offers a higher profit compared to other product categories available on the platform. With lower production costs and added value in the form of uniqueness, craftsmanship, and low competition, Amazon FBA sellers can expect a high-profit margin. Consequently, handmade products are an attractive option for those who have golden hands and looking to maximize their profits on Amazon.

Most popular Handmade Products on Amazon

However, it should be understood that selling handmade products in large volumes is difficult. It would require large production facilities and a well-organized advertising campaign.

Data is the Best Friend of Amazon Sellers

Choosing the right selling categories on Amazon is crucial for maximizing sales and reaching potential customers. Start with a wide-ranging topic and do in-depth product research. If the primary category that you consider is extremely competitive, don’t fret! There is a chance that you will find a gap in the marketplace if you go deeper and look for new opportunities.

First of all, take the time to research the low competition area and determine which categories similar products are listed under. Consider factors such as customer demand, pricing, and unit economics to determine which categories are most profitable. It’s also important to ensure that your product fits within the guidelines of the chosen category and meets any specific requirements or restrictions.

Additionally, consider using relevant keyword research in your product listing to improve search rankings and visibility within the chosen category. Don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple categories and track your sales performance to identify which ones yield the best results. This will offer an interesting twist to your business and help keep customers engaged. If you take a strategic approach to selecting top-selling categories on Amazon, you can increase your chances of getting on the seller list and making your brand highly profitable.


Time spent conducting market research is the first critical step in determining the most lucrative categories to sell on Amazon. Focus on identifying and offering solutions to customers’ pain points, as this will affect profitability far more than just choosing a popular category. To ensure maximum profits, you must use Amazon profit analytics and consider several factors, including niche selection, product choice, selling price, and cost of goods.

Creating and growing an online business on Amazon is a painstaking task that requires constant analysis and improvement. Analytics Software for Amazon can help you save time, do a lot of analytical work, and show you how to increase sales on Amazon.

My Real Profit software is easy to set up and use. Our analytics offers imperative insight into how listings your products in real-time and what you need to improve your position in the seller’s rank. My Real Profit metrics will tell you why your sales are down and how to raise revenue based on real numbers. This makes this Amazon seller tool a necessary part of the daily routine for every seller.

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